Matthew 16:18 KJV

And upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Pastor Milton Branch

Pastor Milton Branch is the Pastor and founder of the New Testament Interdenominational Church. Pastor Branch has devoted his life to Christ and the ministry for over 35 years. He is a bold preacher who believes in spreading the unadulterated Word of God. Pastor Branch has been
described by those who know him as a fireball and a watchman on the wall. Pastor Branch is also a family man with a loving wife, two children, and a
host of grandchildren. Pastor Branch encourages his members to place God above all else. He cares for his members and has been instrumental in helping to
facilitate their spiritual growth through relentlessly
encouraging them to pray, fast, study, commit scriptures to memory, and seek the face of God with all their hearts.

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.

John C. Maxwell
  1. What Happens When You Take Truth Out Of The Way Pastor Milton Branch 1:06:51
  2. Trouble The Best Teacher Pastor Milton Branch 26:54
  3. Sin of The Luke Warm Church (1 Pastor Milton Branch 1:13:52
  4. Untitled Pastor Milton Branch 1:19:53
  5. Don't Let Your Fire Go Out Pastor Milton Branch 54:25
  6. Pastor Anniversary James Owens 1:15:26
  7. PastorBranchZealIsNotEnoughYouNeedToBeSaved Pastor Milton Branch 1:09:40
  8. MoveInTheSpirit Pastor Milton Branch 47:04
  9. Sacrifice Yourself Not Your Children Pastor Milton Branch 1:13:46
  10. SteadfastWhenEverythingAroundYouChanging Pastor Milton Branch 1:18:48
  11. TheAnointingMakesTheDifference Pastor Milton Branch 1:14:00
  12. The Joy Of Serving The Lord Pastor Milton Branch 1:18:34
  13. The Things We Allow Pastor Milton Branch 1:14:09
  14. WantingTheGiftOfGodWithoutPayingThePrice Pastor Milton Branch 1:14:50
  15. KeepYourEyesOnJesus Pastor Milton Branch 50:37
  16. DontGiveUpOnDoingGood Pastor Milton Branch 58:36
  17. I Came To Lift Him Up Minister James Nichols 1:04:20
  18. How To Overcome Minister James Nichols 1:19:53
  19. He Will Keep You If You Want To Be Kept Pastor Milton Branch 1:00:07
  20. Lord Thou Knowest Elder Brown 58:07
  21. I Dont Just Want To Be Better I Want To Be Whole Elder Greg Brown 59:05
  22. Being Sensitive To Spirtual Things Pastor Milton Branch 1:08:22
  23. I Came To Lift Him Up Minister James Nichols 1:04:20
  24. ByPastorMiltonBranchWhen TheHolyGhostMakesYouAngry Pastor Milton Branch 47:51
  25. Deception In The Church Pastor Milton Branch 1:12:04
  26. ElderBrownHeDiedForMe Elder Greg Brown 1:05:07
  27. What does it look like Elder Brown 1:15:32
  28. ComingOutOfTheWorld Elder Cecil 56:55
  29. A Mature Bride Minister 39:45
  30. I Cant Go With These 1:09:12